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About us

Pueblo57 is a tribute to the wonderful “Café de Colombia” and the men and women who devote their lives to produce the finest coffee in the world. Its Pueblos (communities) award each coffee bean its unique and unparalleled profile.


Unquestionably, Colombian coffee is the world’s best coffee, but many ignore that due to the diversity of climates, altitudes and soils.  Each region produces different varieties of coffee with specific notes and characteristics that are unique and exquisite.

Some taste floral, some are sweet, some are fruity and some taste like intense dark chocolate. However, all of them are fantastic! Thus, every cup becomes a unique experience that you will want to explore again and again.


In these tropical high mountains of the Andes, nature works very well with our wide varieties of arabicas. The fruit produced is exceptional, and it is our sacred duty to maximize its full flavor potential every single step through harvest and beyond.


To ensure the best quality standards are met for the taste you desire, Pueblo57 is vertically integrated in every detail of the production process.  From the plantation, to the harvest, milling, drying, pre and post classification and roasting, we then carefully pack and ship to your home. An additional part of our process is to seek improvement in the farmers agricultural practices and their quality of life.


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