We are located in the Pueblo of Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. A beautiful town with an amazing view, but its real pride and real treasure is its people. Founded by immigrants coming from the Antioquias, searching for a place to call home, who settled at the top of a mountain, strategically located to see any enemies coming as well as for its climate, water resources and fertile soil. They prospered for many many years producing great musicians, artists, merchants and politicians, but then when crime and violence rose, the pueblo suffered immensely as their main resource fled to larger cities. Many years have passed and once again many are returning to their roots and to their dreams. We are happy and honored to be part of this epic comeback.

Besides our coffee project and the employment opportunities we provide, we also encourage complementary and indirect revenues for the wives and elders of the community. For example Liliana, wife of our main leader, along with her mother feed the workers 3 times a day providing extra income to their families. Her father Carlos, has a red Jeep Willys WW2 era, so we hired him to transport coffee from the fields to the milling plant and in the mornings we also employ him to be the “school bus” for the community children.  

The school’s land was donated by our family a long time ago and we are constantly supplying sports supplies and reading materials to improve their daily activities. We also organize health brigades of doctors to spend a day tending dental and health checkups. Additionally, we’re working on providing internet to activate computers so we can stream live english classes, and interact with other cultures - like the ones who enjoy the coffee their parents so proudly produce.

We truly believe that globalization works both ways. We want you to know how we do our job and we want to know from you that our hard work matters.